Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Pot Gets Stirred Some More

Well, it's clearly been a few months since I've posted.

I've been working through some things, on some others and trying to figure out how to navigate through some of my own feelings I'm not so proud of.

In the last several months, we've had a lot of ups and downs, however I'm in a place of wanting to just be away from my step-daughter entirely.  I have watched her grow from a sweet kid to a manipulative, sneaky one and I'm disgusted by her behavior.

Oh I get it, she tries to please her mother, but she has started asking me questions about what I think about a subject even as minuscule as about a pair of earrings.  She then takes what I say back to her mother, twists it to stir up trouble. She's smart enough at seven to take words I actually say, manipulate them into what her mother wants to hear-i.e. shit to make me the wicked step-mother. 

So, I'm currently in a place of zero desire for my step-daughter to even speak to me because I cannot trust her.
Yes, I know she's a child, but this many years later and the legal hoops we've endured, I am fed up.  And you know what she exudes from her face when you ask her WHY she says and does these things???  SATISFACTION.

I'm disgusted right now and figuring out my way to work on my feelings.

Thank God I have found some fellow step-mothers and future step-mothers to talk to and commiserate with!

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